We have a lovely cottage with a leather couch, pet bed-cots, and sleeping bags for the pets to sleep in. The cottage is open all day so the pets can go in and out as they please. It has dual-pane doors, heating and fans to keep the doggies comfortable. The medium to larger pets sleep in the cottage. Smaller pets and puppies are kept indoors with us because they require more attention, however, they always get plenty of playtime outside.




  • Boarding - $65 per night for each pet.
  • Pets with disabilities, senior pets who are losing their hearing/sight, and pets under 8 months are $75 pet night of boarding as they require more time. 
  • Medicine - we will administer 1 set of medicine free of charge and $5 per additional set.
  • We offer discounts for long term boarding.
  • Emergencie Vet Visits- You are responsible for urgent/emergency vet visits we take on behalf of your pet, regardless of cause, issue, or fault. 




  • An assessment is required prior to boarding so give yourself enough time prior to your boarding dates to have the assessment as we typically have them on Saturdays. 
  • Payment is due at the time of drop-off. 
  • Drop off & pick up times must be within our business hours. 
  • Pickup is typically by 12 noon the next day, otherwise anytime after there is a daycare charge on the day of pickup. There is no charge for daycare on the day of drop-off.
  • We request a 10-minute notice for drop-offs & pick-ups.
  • Please be mindful that we use our personal number so text during business hours especially if you when travelling in different time zones. 
  • We do not respond to texts or post on social media after hours, on Sundays, or holidays.
This is a list of items we recommend bringing for boarding. There is no need to bring bowls, beds, or blankets as we have plenty available. Please bring a large bag with these items and write your pet's name on the bag:
  • Medicine if any (we will administer 1 set of medicine free of charge and $5 per additional set)
  • Pee pads for pets boarding indoors
  • Collar or harness
  • An unwashed shirt that has your scent on it
  • Food & treats- Please write name and the feeding instructions on paper and tape securely to the food bag to make it easier during feeding. 
  • Leash - please write name on leash, if possible. We have many similar leashes so please make it easy on us.



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